Friday, November 21, 2014

The Art Gallery: 2013 Chenduz Custom Stewie Sketch Card

This month’s Art Gallery display is a card that I have actually talked about on the blog before. In September I came across this card for auction when looking at Family Guy sketch cards, one of my favorite animated shows. The Stewie/GPK sketch card was originally posted for $39.99 and while cool I would never have considered it at that price, the most I had paid for a sketch card was around $11.00 and I have tried to keep my max for any sketch card at $15.00 shipped.
The card did not sell at $40 so the seller dropped it to $30 and still no interest so it was dropped to $19.99 BIN and free shipping. I went back and forth wondering if I should bite or wait for another week or two and hope that the seller would drop it below $15 and inside of my price range. Apparently the monster that is eBay heard my auction prayers and sent me a sign in the form of $5.21 in eBay Bucks. After the coupon discount the card ended up at $14.78 and under, just barely, my max of $15 for a sketch card.
The card is from Vincenzo D’Ippolio, also known as Chenduz., a sketch artist that has been working with Topps for years supplying sketch cards for GPK and Wacky Package releases. This card was a custom sketch card drawn in 2013 and the cool thing is that this is an actual Topps GPK Artist Card, which are authentic cards with the same design as what is inserted in to packs but usually with a blank back or a notation that it is an artist card. So the “Garbage Pail Kids” across the top and the yellow border below Stewie are pre-printed on the card and includes the Topps copyright. The card is done in ink and Prismacolor marker with purple paint splatters around the edges to give the card texture.
Even though most sketch cards are 1/1 this card is among the most unique sketch cards in my collection due to the combination of GPK and Stewie from Family Guy.

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