Thursday, November 13, 2014

Who Shot First?

In 1977 a conspiracy theory was formed following the release of Star Wars: A New Hope when the question “Who shot first?” was being asked in regards to Han Solo and Greedo’s shoot out in the Cantina. For twenty years it was widely accepted that Han Solo shot first proving that he is a true cold blooded killer. In 1997 George Lucas went to town and destroyed so many fan’s expectations when he “updated” the movie for its 20th Anniversary re-release. In the update it was changed to Greedo shooting first and Han firing in self-defense.
Lucas’ revised scene actually led to a split in fandom with some supporting the new version while most fans still stuck with Han being the aggressor. Who would have thought that a 57-second scene would cause so much of an uproar?
In an open forum where Harrison Ford was asked questions by fans regarding his films he officially stated (in response to being asked who shot first) “I don’t know and I don’t care”. Now that is commitment to a character.
I picked up this cool 1996 Topps Star Wars Finest Greedo card signed by Paul Blake the actor who played Han’s target that fateful day on Tatooine. Blake has a couple of official Topps autographs, three I believe, but the prices are usually topping $20 or more. This beauty on the other hand, signed at a Star Wars convention, only cost $7.99 shipped.

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