Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Random Pack: 2015 Topps Star Wars Journey To The Force Awakens

I was at Walmart the other day and I noticed they had a single blister pack (2 packs inside) of 2015 Topps Star Wars Journey To The Force Awakens hanging on a peg so I grabbed it. I like the set but I have not opened any packs so I wanted to take a closer look and bought it.

The retail packs have 6 cards each plus two Family Legacy inserts. The set is made up of 110 cards that cover from Episode I: Phantom Menace up to upcoming Episode VII: The Force Awakens so there is a great selection and some very nice photos. One thing that I am not a fan of is the parallels, once again Topps has included 9 parallels for each base card not counting printing plates. Is there really a reason to have 10 versions of each card?

In the two packs I pulled 6 base cards total of which 4 were parallels. This is definitely not a set to build using retail packs. Here is what I pulled:
Two base cards

Two base card Jabba slime parallel (1 per pack)

One base card Black Starfield parallel (1:2 packs) This is probably my favorite parallel border color

One base card Lightsaber Neon (1:6 packs) These for some reason scan in as a dull pink , they are actually quite bright pink in hand

One Behind The Scenes

Two Blueprint cards

One Power Of The First Order. I like this insert along with the Heroes Of The Resistance (The good guys) version

One Character sticker

One Cloth sticker

Two Family Legacy

I like the set and if I got a chance to pick up a hobby box I would definitely grab it and I am very happy that I did not pull anything Hayden Christensen cards, that man destroyed the legacy of the Star Wars series almost as bad as George Lucas’ constant tinkering with the original trilogy.


  1. The cloth sticker and the Family Legacy are new to me. That also brings the packaging variations up to 5, at least.

  2. If you want those two cards you are welcome to them.