Monday, October 19, 2015

You're Fu#*ing Out, I'm Fu#*ing In!

There is a 5-card set that I have wanted to add to my collection since 2009 but usually the price was too high and I wasn’t ready to pay it but I finally found someone selling the set for below the normal reasonable price so I paid the $40 BIN price and finally have the cards in my hand and can remove the set from my Wanted List. The pack even came with a stick of gum.
The set is from HBO and they used basic Topps designs, though no Topps logo, and it was a promotion for Eastbound & Down, the hilarious story about Kenny Powers (Played wonderfully by Danny McBride), a washed up pitcher who is a complete ungrateful bastard.

In the beginning of season 1 you see Power’s decent from a dominant rookie for Atlanta to a complete joke reliever for Seattle. They don’t actually use team names or logos but it is obvious which teams it is based on color alone. It is a quick montage but you see all the teams he played for in the pros: Atlanta, New York (AL), San Francisco, Boston and finally Seattle. After he leaves the big league he also plays for the Myrtle Beach Merman minor league team and the Charros of an independent league in Mexico.

The cards are exactly what you would have pulled from packs between 2001 and 2006 with complete stats on the back. There is another card that was not part of this set but appears to be a promo card, but I will pick one of those up at a later date.

I have been watching these sets for years and packs usually are priced in the $75-100 range and many of the individual cards have been graded and are selling above $60 each. One seller I was watching had posted the pack at $89.99 or BO, I offered $50 and he declined without even offering me a co-offer. Over the months he dropped the BIN price to $75, $69, $60, $50 and finally $40 which is when I bought the pack. Basically the guy lost out on $10 that I would have paid if he accepted by original $50 price but I prefer the $40 I paid so I guess it worked out best for me to wait. The other promo card, which depicts Kenny in his Charros uniform, sells in the $3-7 range.


  1. Very cool. I had been after these but kinda gave up. A while back I put in a best offer on that other "promo" card but withdrew my bid after realizing it was most likely a custom. Most of the guy's other items for sale are all customs.

    1. I hadn't even taken a look at the seller, I just thought they were different promos. I think if I can get one cheaply I would still be interested because it is cool but I definitely will not spend more than a couple of dollars now that I know they are customs.

  2. Holy smokes! Didn't realize these were worth so much. Makes me wanna go dig my set out and rewatch the show.