Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Nickname That I Have Been Chasing

Last month I had posted about my decision to hold up on purchasing anything for my Ryan Bader personal collection until I could find his 2010 Topps UFC Nickname parallel. It was frustrating because they came around so infrequently on aBay and I just felt like this was the next card that I just had to have for my Bader pc.

After I posted about my frustration a fellow blogger came to my rescue. Raz from The Raz Card Blog pointed me in the direction of one of these cards that was available on COMC. I have never purchased anything on COMC so I hadn’t realized that it could be a useful tool for collectors. I purchased some credits and made an offer, which was accepted by the seller, and actually paid less than what the previous Bader nickname card had sold for on eBay.

Thank you Raz, I appreciate your help and I have now added a number of Griffey. Buhner and Bader cards to my COMC inventory. This Bader nickname parallel came in this afternoon with a number of other cards that I will cover soon.


  1. COMC is perfect for cards like this. I have had great luck with inserts and lower end autos/relics.

    Darth is a great nickname!

  2. I'm glad you were able to work out a deal for the card! It's nice to fill those gaps in a player collection. I haven't used COMC all that much myself, but I've made a couple of orders on there.