Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Another Case Of An Athlete Not Signing Their Own Autographs

Another case of someone else signing for an athlete, this time it is Takkarist McKinley’s autographs in 2017 Panini Contenders Draft and 2017 Panini Elite Draft. Panini is offering replacements to anyone pulling a McKinley auto from either of those products but it should be noted that they have not stated what they intend to replace his autographs with or when.

I am not sure how they figured it out because he just signs “Takk” and they all look the same. He did recently have surgery on his dominant arm so I can understand why he wouldn’t want to sign the cards but he should have just waited instead of having someone else do it. These people are being paid to sign autographs and if they accept a contract to sign they should treat this as a job and do their damn work they agreed to do. He signed for both SAGE and Leaf but that was before his surgery and both companies have come out since Panini’s announcement and said their McKinley autograph cards are authentic.  


  1. Guess they don't sign them in front of a company representative then, huh?

  2. I wish they'd go back to the good old days and have them sign in front of a company representative. Sure it'd be more expensive, but it'd be worth it to me. An isolated situation doesn't discourage me too much, but this isn't the first time... and probably not the last.