Monday, May 22, 2017

Why Does An Error Have To Become A Huge Issue?

My parents gave me an early birthday present, a couple of eBay gift cards for $50 total, so I decided to order something that I have wanted for a long time some Star Wars Samurai figures. There are quite a few people selling these around the same price so I picked a company that had both a Boba Fett and Stormtrooper Samurai figure and it came out to just under $40 shipped for both figures so I ordered them and for some reason, they shipped the figures separately even though they were on the same order.

I tracked the items and they were delivered, one to an address in Crestview, Florida on May 17th and one to an address in San Diego, California on May 18th.  A little bit off considering I live in Arizona and so I waited another day to see if it was just an error and on Friday I filed a case on eBay saying I did not receive the items and that I still wanted them. Someone from the company responded right away saying they will look in to it and would get back to me.

Sunday I got two emails saying that items I was watching are no longer available and the listings have been deleted. It was the two items I had purchased so the listings disappeared out of my Purchase list and removed the tracking numbers from eBay (I still had the tracking numbers in Paypal and email). OK, no concern yet and eBay had set the escalation date as May 25th so I was just going to wait and let the company respond and figured I would at least get my money back if nothing happened by the 25th. I also filed a lost mail claim with the USPS to see if they could track down my order.

A little over an hour ago I got two emails stating that the company had filed claims against me and wanted eBay to rule in their favor. That made me angry so I called eBay, the company claimed I received the figures and that I was trying to scam them to get my money back but when eBay requested the tracking information showing my address was on the packages when it originated in China they refused to give that info to eBay and whoever was in contact with eBay from the company was demanding that eBay make the decision today. Well, the company got their wish…eBay decided in the case today, for me, and my money will be refunded. I just checked and all the company’s auctions have been deleted and the company is no longer a registered user.

All I wanted was two action figures that I paid for, nothing more, and the company screwed up and probably just had the wrong address on the labels. Not a huge issue, they could have made things right easily but had to try to make this about them being scammed instead of an error. I mean, how much do these figures cost them? Maybe a couple of bucks apiece.

OK, my rant is over.


  1. It seems like eBay is pretty good 99.9% of the time, but when it goes bad it can be extremely infuriating.

  2. I am glad ebay ruled in your favor. I have had zero luck when I have a dispute on Ebay. They always rule in favor of the buyer, no matter what the situation. I have been selling on ebay for 18 years, have 100% positive feedback, and am a Power Seller, but whenever a dispute arises, they side with the buyer.

  3. I have two copies of the Boba Fett figure. One was an original I purchased off of Entertainment Earth a little after they were released. I kept that one in the box and used it as a display piece. One day, I found one for $30 shipped on eBay (from a seller in China). It was less than half the price I paid for my original one, so I immediately purchased it. When I received it, the packaging was similar... but was a different quality. The figure itself was cool, but I broke several items and needed to fix them with super glue. I'd be careful when ordering figures from China. I'm pretty sure these are knockoffs. If you're going to open them up and display them, then it's not really an issue. But they aren't made as well as the originals.

    1. Now I am conflicted, I would probably just display them in the box but I am sure the time will come where I will want to take them out and set them up. Maybe when I get the refund I will just pick up some cool Griffey cards and hold up on the figures until I can get good quality figures.