Friday, May 26, 2017

Possible Bad News For One NBA Player

Sometimes professional sports have a juicy soap opera storyline that doesn’t involve a Twitter argument, though there are Twitter posts involved here, and this one has gone pretty far to even hit on the international level.

NBA player Enes Kanter, who is from Turkey, was detained in a Romanian airport last week after Turkey invalidated his passport. Kanter has made it known that he is not a fan of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and while detained Kanter made a video that he posted on Twitter where he compares the Turkish President with Adolf Hitler which you figure didn’t go over well.

In response, the Turkish government has issued an arrest warrant for Kanter claiming that he is being sought as a member of a terror group. The government has even applied for an Interpol red notice, which if approved will mean that Enes Kanter is seen as a terrorist and will be arrested on sight by any supporting nations which means the US could arrest him and he can be extradited back to Turkey.

Even though this is an obvious attempt by a repressive government attempting to silence an outspoken citizen it should be taken as a grave issue. This could go extremely badly for Kanter if the red notice is approved and it doesn’t help that he did turn to Twitter with a negative response saying “You cannot catch me. Hahaha. Don’t waste your energy. I am already going to come to spit on all of your ugly, hate-filled faces.”

Now isn’t this a better storyline than anything LaVar Ball spouts out to any news outlet that will listen to him?

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