Friday, August 11, 2017

COMC Keeping Us On Our Toes

 Last night I was doing COMC Challenges and empty penny sleeves kept showing up. This is the first time I saw a sleeve, I have seen receipts before but this one was new to me. The first 3 or 4 challenges I did had 6-8 sleeves in each challenge too, that was odd.

Usually I forget about the challenges but last night I put on my headphones, listened to music and just answered away. I ended up doing enough challenges to add $5 to my COMC so I am pretty stoked.


  1. I'm always happy to get blank sleeves in COMC challenges, makes them a lot easier and faster. You made $5 in one night? I'm impressed! If I don'tt have to work or eat or sleep or do chores or pay attention to my family I could maybe make $4 in a day.

  2. In the last year or so, this has become a pretty common site. My personal favorite is when you get a set comprised of more blank backs than not, as it makes for some very fast earning.

  3. I did a few of the COMC challenges WAY WAY WAY back in the day. I've looked at them a few other times and they're always 100% complete. Is there a certain time they release these challenges? How long would you estimate it took you to earn that $5 COMC credit?