Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Trade Completed IV

I read through 10-15 blogs a day and I will admit I rarely look at people’s want lists unless something is specifically mentioned. I was reading one of my regular blogs and there was a post about a trade with Steve from Collating Cards and how he is a Mariners/Seattle collector so I finally looked at his Most Elusive list and the #2 card that Steve wanted, a 1991 Mariners Country Hearth Scott Bankhead, I had sitting in a set box.

The 1991 Country Hearth SGA set is not a common set and usually it is the two Griffey Jr. (#15 & #28) cards that show up so the Bankhead is really a difficult card to find. Last year I came across a set for around $15 shipped, a bargain when you consider the Griffey Jr, Buhner and Edgar cards that I wanted from the set sell individually in the $5-8 range, so I jumped on it. I pulled out the cards I wanted and the remaining cards went in to my Mariners box so seeing that I could help a fellow collector I was happy to send the card to someone who would appreciate it.

In return Steve sent three Griffey insert cards from 2017 Topps Series 2 release that I needed. The three cards are All-Star Game MVP (#ASM-12), Home Run Derby Champ (#HRD-9) and the one that brings back an amazing memory, Memorable Moments (#MM-28)

Thank you so much Steve, I am glad we were able to work out this trade.  

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  1. I enjoyed the swap- glad to have helped. The Bankhead was the only one needed for my set.