Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday Question Day- Do You Grade?

Today is question day:

Have you ever submitted a card(s) to be graded?

Which grading company do you prefer when it comes to graded cards in your collection?

I have never submitted a card to be graded, even if I had the money I have a tough time paying the excessive cost of submitting a card but I do have graded cards in my collection. When it comes to grading company, I prefer PSA or SGC for vintage cards and BGS for modern cards.


  1. Having cards graded will never make any sense to me! I have a bought a few graded cards in the last couple of years, but that was only because they were cheaper than their non-graded counterparts.

    1. The only time I buy graded cards is when I am looking to pick up a nice Griffey and they are either rare/commonly counterfeited or like you, they are within the price of a raw copy. I usually end up cracking the cases outside of the graded Griffey cards I pick up.

  2. I have purchased some graded cards-I look at the PSA Price guide and see if it is a good price taking in to account the cost of grading. I haven't submitted any-I guess I am a little freaked out to do so-as if they will get lost.

  3. I submit my vintage stuff through work to PSA. It's just Roy Campanella and Zack Wheat cards (rare Campy stuff and all my Wheats minus a couple large ones I'd prefer in SGC holders). I like the look of the holders and the added protection gives me peace of mind.

    I submit new stuff (almost exclusively Kershaw and Corey Seager autos) through a friend to BGS. I like the holders more than I ever thought I would and while it's expensive I don't mind the added value to my collection.

  4. I have purchased my fair share of graded cards, but have never actually submitted anything myself. I think it's bound to happen sooner or later... and when I do... I'll probably go with PSA.

  5. I wish I had come up with the idea to have people pay me for something that they should be able to do themselves. And then to charge them more based on what I tell them it's worth? And they say racketeering went out with prohibition!

  6. I only own a few. I have some cards I inherited from my father that I should get graded if only to be able to sell them. Expense is one reason I haven't. I'm also afraid to spend a significant amount only to find that the cards are phony or tampered with. I've already had a problem when I sold a Mike Schmidt rookie only to find that it had been trimmed.

  7. I may be in the minority, but I collect graded cards and I submit cards for grading. I have the complete run of Brett Favre RCs in PSA 10, about 90 cards from 1956 Topps baseball, and 75% of the 1984-85 OPC hockey set plus another box of random vintage all graded by PSA.

    I also enjoy submitting cards to PSA, though I've heard some horror stories and it is costly, I find it equally as risky as buying a mid-high end hobby box. Some of my successes include buying a 79 Topps Willie Stargell for $1 which came back a Mint 9 ($150+ value) and a 1953 Bowman Color Billy Loes which I bought 'raw' for $12 and got a NM-MT 8 ($180).

    I plan on submitting another 30 cards or so early next year, once my COMC order arrives. Can't wait to see how my 1962 Topps Hank Aaron grades out!