Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Griffey Procession III

Girffey’s cards with low serial numbers are quite costly but I have found the perfect option, go with a modern Leaf card. Over the last few years Leaf has put out some pretty amazing cards but many times people by-pass them because they are unlicensed. I am not too caught up in unlicensed cards, as long as I like the card’s design and that is the case with this 2017 Leaf History of Baseball 1991 Acetate Throwback. 

There are 5 cards; a base and four parallels. The base is charcoal and unnumbered with the four parallels being Blue (#/35), Purple (#/25), Green (#/10) and Red (#/5). This one is the red and mine is #1/5. I also have the base, Purple and Green which I thought I had posted in one of my previous Griffey Cavalcades but I can not find now.  


  1. I'm one of those guys who enjoys my MLB logos... but I gotta admit this is a nice looking card. The fact that it's acetate is a nice little bonus.