Thursday, June 28, 2018

Some Orthoscopic Surgery On My Kerr Redemption

A quick recap about my 2015-16 Gala Cinematic Signatures Crimson Steve Kerr card. Last October I purchased a redemption for the card and submitted it. The card was live at the time and I was expecting a quick turnaround, but I ended up watching the card sit in card limbo for 6 months before I contacted a Panini CSR. 

Two weeks later the card shipped, and I planned on posting here when I got the card, which was received on March 30th. I was elated to finally have the card in my hands but when I pulled it out from the packaging I noticed something disturbing on the back. There were two large blemishes, I wasn’t sure if they were on the case or the card, so I started to go through the options at this point and the card got set aside. 

My options, as I saw them, were to leave the card in the case as is and ignore the blemishes. Send the card back to Panini and have them replace the card or case (whichever was damaged) or take my chances and open the case and see where the blemishes were located.  

If I left the card in the case and it was something like broken plastic pushing against the card it would damage the card and if I ever sold the card, not that I ever planned to do that, it would have to be at a reduced price. If I sent it back to Panini to replace the card or case, I may never see the card ever again. Finally, if I open the case and the damage is to the card I am screwed because Panini wouldn’t replace it since I removed it from the case. 

Today I finally decided to remove the card from the case and take my chances. It turns out that it was plastic caught between the card and the case. It wasn’t like a broken case type of jagged plastic, but it was solid. Fortunately, the pieces did no damage to the card though there are some marks on the inside the case from where the pieces were sitting. I feel like I made the right decision and things turned out fine.


  1. Gotta feel good when you gamble like that and it turns out in your favor. Congrats on a very sweet looking card!

  2. You made the right choice for sure. Eventually it would have stuck to the case and gotten damaged anyway.

  3. Cool card. Personally... I would have done the same. Glad everything worked out.