Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday Question Day- Uniform Changes?

How do you feel about major uniform changes?

There have not been many major uniform changes in the four main professional leagues lately, the most recent being the Seahawks in 2012. Many of the recent changes have fans even asking if there was really a change outside of a slight color change or different font. 

When it comes to changes I am rather conservative, but I am willing to come around to some drastic changes like the Seahawks. I am a change it all or change nothing type of guy.


  1. The Browns changed theirs in 2015. I really prefer their old classic style instead.

    1. When it comes to the Browns, I also like the classic uniforms. I am not a fan of change.

  2. If you're going to change them and stay relatively true to the color scheme, then that's OK. What the Diamondbacks do and have done, though, is dumb. That's minor league-level stuff.

  3. About 25 of the 30 NBA teams changed for the 2017-18 season. Even the Spurs, who last made a change in 1989. Normally I think it's exciting, and something new and interesting, but most of them were lackluster or just plain terrible changes, with the majority of the changes being the removal of colors to make the jerseys nearly monochromatic, and boring.

  4. As a fan of franchises that rarely change their main uniform looks (Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks), I truly love being able to flip through the history books and see a sense of continuity. I think that I'm very much open to change, but I suppose that's really only theoretical to me.

  5. It depends. I love the Kelly Green jerseys the A's have used this season. But I'm not a huge fan of the bright lime green the Seahawks adopted in 2009. If it were me, they'd go back to the 80's uniform. Those were my favorite.

  6. Seems to me that teams just like making uniforms obsolete so fans will have an excuse to buy more merch to keep current. New hats, jerseys, etc.