Thursday, July 12, 2018

Topps Big League A Money Grab? Tell Me It Cant Be True!!!

When I saw Topps Big League before it was released, I thought it was a neat idea. Sure it is another set released in an already crowded release schedule, but it was a different design than the flagship and there is a really cool Ichiro base card in the set that I want to add to my Mariners collection. 

That was before I knew about the error variation SSPPPPPSSPSPSPSP cards. WTF? There are errors that happen every year, I understand that. There have been sets that were more error than correct (looking at you Pro Set) and from time to time it is ok to have cards like reverse negative to add to the chase, which is also included in the Big League set's error list, but Topps went WAY OVERBOARD with Big League to the point of moronic variations that are neither error nor collectible to most people but intentional changes to get people to buy more product to complete the set.

Bryce Harper. The error is a different colored arm band. How the fuck is that an error? Errors are unintentional mistakes, not a designer going in and changing the color of an arm band. Anyone remember the "Sparkle" BS variations? I guess at least Topps didn't say the sparkles were errors.

Rosario and Lindor. Upside down? OK, I bet it happens but when it does the whole sheet is upside down and the image is not cropped to fit. 

Mike Trout: The people in the dugout disappeared in the error card. Really? Another stupid choice. I didn't realize that changes made in Photoshop constituted an error. But we have to consider that Topps also added George Bush and Mickey Mantle to a Derek Jeter card in 2007 so add, remove, same thing right?

Giancarlo Stanton: Pictures from two different games. How is this an error? Variation, sure…why not… Topps has turned variations in to a nightmare for a collector but not an error?

Thank you Topps, may I have another?



  1. If this was April 1st, I'd think this was a joke. This is the epitome of cardfoolery.

  2. I hate these stupid gimmicks, but I guess Topps feels tough pulls like these are needed to get the big case breakers to have something to chase and fill slots in their group breaks. Still, wish they'd go with a rare insert set or something less insulting to collectors than eye-roll inducing forced "errors".

  3. I agree with defgav. These SSPs only fall one per case from what I heard. I'm building the set and these laughable "errors" aren't even on my radar.

  4. That trout one has gotta be the worse. Wait til the where's Waldo variations!