Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dexter Relic Cards

I am a fan of relics, but not just normal jersey swatches, I like the obscure relic. I like those cards that contain a piece of material that not everyone is pulling from a pack. Sure I have a variety of jersey and bat cards but I pride my collection on cards like shoe cards, Diamondback Authentic cards and hat cards. What really gets my attention are cards that the average collector do not hunt for like actor’s costume relics, historical pieces and movie prop cards. I have been trying to get my hands on some of the 2009 Goodwin Landmark cards and always on the watch for the Upper Deck Champs Museum pieces.

My most recent addition is from one of my favorite television shows, Dexter. The card is from the 2010 San Diego Comic Con and was created by Breygent. This glossy metal card contains a decent sized swatch from Dexter’s tool bag. The card is pretty heavy and made entirely from metal. The front and back are a thin glossy metal and the edging is a heavy duty solid metal piece. The card is pretty thick too, about 1/8th of an inch (about the depth of two quarters).

From what I can find Breygent produced these cards for the 2010 San Diego Comic Con and they were only available in the Breygent mystery packs. You could pull cards (there were relic cards, autograph, promo and sketch cards in the mystery packs) from sets like Dexter, the Ghost Whisperer, Paranormal Activity or any number of comic book related sketch cards. You can find most of the relics running between $10-20, the autographs under $10 and the sketch cards really vary in price. A couple of sealed mystery packs are up for auction around $25-30 range.

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