Friday, March 18, 2011

I Drank The 2011 Topps Baseball Kool-Aid

In the last few weeks I have read about the 2011 Topps Baseball set and a lot of people feel that the set is definitely something to get excited about I decided to drink the Kool-Aid and picked up a couple of Topps Blasters along with a Heritage rack pack to see firsthand.

I have to admit that the base set is actually quite nice. It is a clean design that highlights the player and in typical Topps form the backs are excellent. I like that Topps was able to get all of the player’s information/bio on the card even in a case like Jeter who has been playing for 15 year. I like to see all of the player’s stats on the back; this is one of the most important aspects of base card design. Sadly Topps carried over the same design in to their football base set, which seems lazy. I feel that there are way too many parallels and inserts not to mention it seemed like every other pack yielded a Mickey Mantle card of some sort, so glad that Topps “retired” him in 1997.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings and now on to the cards. I pulled 3 Mariners (plus an Ichiro Kimball Champion) and 4 D-Backs (plus an Upton Kimball Champion). I like that Topps mixed it up a bit for the checklist. Instead of just picking a top player or two from each team they selected a decent selection from each team giving fans a chance to pick up players from their favorite teams.

One of my favorite inserts was from the reprint inserts. I pulled two 1921 National Caramel reprints, George Sisler (one of the most pure hitters in his time) and Ty Cobb. I like the manufactured commemorative patches too. I have seen some very cool historical patches. I was lucky enough to get an Ichiro 1992 Mariners patch, which could not make me happier. I have seen a Seattle Pilots patch variation floating around eBay too that I may need to pick up.

I pulled 6 Diamond Giveaway cards which turned in to:

1973 John Strohmayer
1976 Willie Davis
1977 Rob Belloir
1978 Jerry Martin
1986 Roger Craig
1993 Dave Stieb
2007 Clay Hensley

And 7 rings including a Seattle Mariners ring

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