Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Future In Seattle?

Carson Palmer has made it clear that he is determined to leave Cincinnati, which is bad news for Bengals fans, but could turn out to be good news elsewhere. In Seattle Matt Hasselbeck has shown that he still has the ability but at 35 he is starting to show his age and the Seahawks do not have a back up plan , Whitehurst is not a starting QB and JP Losman has attempted 1 NFL pass in the past 2 seasons.

 While Palmer is 31 he still has a couple of years of football ahead of him and could be a buffer to allow the Seahawks to pick up a young QB and allow them to learn the system. I don't expect to see him in Seahawk Blue and Neon Green but I can still hope, I actually figure things will settle down between Palmer and the Bengals and him finish out his career in Cincinnati.

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  1. Good-looking custom. Much better than Andrew Luck in San Fran or Carolina.