Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Ramblings Of A Pseudofan

I took my son to a Mariners-Cubs Cactus League game Friday afternoon and the “ultimate” Cubs fan was sitting behind me talking crap the whole game. She talked about how she is all about the Cubs and is a true die-hard fan her whole life even saying she “Lives and breaths Cubs”.

Here are a couple of excerpts that made it out of her mouth… yes, I said her mouth.

Cubbie Fan: The Cubbies look great this year, it could be their year!

Cubbie Fan: Look to see the Cubs win the division and maybe even the NL Championship!

Cubbie Fan Friend: Hey… who are some of the young players we should be watching on the field this year?
Cubbie Fan: I don’t know, I don’t pay any attention to the players
Cubbie Fan: Oh wait, Kerry Wood has been winning some big games for us lately watch for him to lead the Cubs in wins this year.

Cubbie Fan Friend: Who was that? (After Starlin Castro knocked in a 3-run double in the 7th to rally the Cubs)
Cubbie Fan: I don’t know, must be some new guy but he is cute.

Gotta love true sports fans, she may not know that Kerry Wood is 9-11 over the last two years… oh and hasn’t played for the Cubs since 2008, and she may not know who one of the most promising 2010 rookies is but she knows he is cute. At least it was entertaining, more entertaining than watching the Mariners blow a 3-2 lead in the 7th inning.


  1. I hate fans like those. Jump on the bandwagon and ramble on about their "favorite" team when they don't know anyone from past 5 years ago or even current.

    I'm a loyal Astros fan so I know the pain of knowing they can't compete in their division with the players they have but at same time play hard on the field. Also wondering trade that brought Michael Bourn paid off yet.