Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Autograph Time... Almost

This afternoon I took my kids to dance class so my wife decided to take some personal time and get her nails done. I am sitting in the dance studio reading my book and my phone starts getting blasted with text messages from my wife at the nail salon.

“There is a football player here.”

“He plays for Baltimore.”

“His name is Terrell.”

‘Do you know who he is?”

Of course being a Baltimore Ravens fan and living in the East Valley I know she is talking about Terrell Suggs, who graduated from Hamilton High School here in Chandler. There are actually 2 Baltimore players from the East Valley, Suggs and Todd Heap (who graduated from my old high school in Mesa).

Being the collector that I am, my first response is to ask if she can get an autograph and then her texts go silent. Hours later when everyone gets back home I excitedly ask if she got an autograph to only be shot down with “Sorry, I was having so much fun talking with him and his girlfriend I was a little scared to ask for one…Bummer…

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