Friday, April 8, 2011

Gypsy Queen Sketch-Relic Cards Follow Up

Yesterday I posted a story about the new Topps Gypsy Queen sketch relic cards. Each card is hand painted by artist Monty Sheldon. This morning Monty Sheldon left a comment on yesterday’s posting explaining the process on how these cards were created. I still would have loved to see these cards as a complete hand painted card sans relic but this is definitely something original by Topps and they did use amazing patches so I can understand the collectability with them.

Sheldon posted the 4-panel process with each card from origination to completion and it is quite cool to see each step. One cool thing that you will notice is that he changed some of the backgrounds from the original images, this worked out well because they highlight the player so much better plus it gives each card a more “historical” feel. Here are some of my favorites from the set starting with my Mariners and ending with the hometown Diamondbacks (including an old school D-Backs Schilling). I don't know why but the Gaylord Perry calls to me, probably because of the hideous 1970s-80s Padres uniforms.

Click each image to see a larger version.


Gaylord Perry

Albert Pujols

Cal Ripken Jr.

Old School Black & Purple D-Backs Curt Schilling

Modern D-Backs Brick Red & Black Justin Upton

All images are courtesy of Monty Sheldon (via his Facebook page)

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  1. These are going to be awesome! No doubt... these are going to command high dollar.