Monday, April 11, 2011

Topps Heritage Historical Part II

I picked up a WWI Signal Flag relic after posting about the other WWI relics the other day. I was hoping to get a red version but the only one I have seen is selling for $19.99 BIN plus shipping and this one was significantly cheaper. The nice thing about this relic is the stitching that runs at an angle right through the middle of the swatch. The back lists this as a "authentic piece of signal flag used in World War I". To add to my want list is a variation of the Signal Flag relic, there is a SP prime patch thick version that contains a piece of the bag (or "kit") that was used to carry the signal flags during battle. I came across two so far, missing out on one that finally sold around $5.00 plus shipping and the only other one is at $49.88 BIN which is more then I am willing to spend.

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