Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Lucky Hand

My son has “the shine” or at least something lucky about him right now. In the past week he has grabbed a rack pack of 2010 Topps WWE Platinum, 3 packs of 2010 Panini Gridiron Gear football and a pack of 2010-11 Panini Threads basketball and in those 7 packs (the rack pack consisted of 3 individual packs of Topps WWE Platinum) he has pulled 3 relics.

Not bad pulls either. A Rookie Gridiron Gems Jimmy Clausen jersey #/50, JJ Barea jersey #/399 and a Platinum Green Big Show Shirt relic #/399.

Can someone please explain to me why the Gridiron Rookie Gem Jumbo Autograph Relics are #/223 and the Jumbo Relics is #/25 but the dime sized jersey relics are #/50? Logically wouldn’t you think the jersey relics would be #/223, Jumbo relics to #/50 and the Jumbo Autograph versions #/25?
The Big Show relic is very cool because it contains a part of the screen printing on the shirt so it isn’t just a plain black shirt swatch. I have only seen one other Green version with the screen printing so I guess we were very luck with this pull. Most of the Blue (#/99) and Gold (#/25) autograph versions seem to have screen printing on them.

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