Sunday, May 29, 2011

2011 Press Pass Stealth Offers A Military Salute

Press Pass has an American military themed product coming out this week, just in time for Memorial Day. 2011 Press Pass Stealth is being advertised as “Press Pass Stealth 2011: For Those Who Serve and Collect” and should hit shelves June 1st.

Each box will contain 1 autograph and 1 race-used memorabilia card and the boxes are running @ $90-95 each. This is actually quite a small set. The base set is a 100-card checklist but consist of only 48 total drivers, 30 NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers and 18 Nationwide Series drivers. But the main focus of the set is the theme with autographs for each military branch, memorabilia cards based on medals and a number of military themed inserts.

 Obviously being a NASCAR product it will appeal to only a certain type of collector but I think that Press Pass has done a wonderful thing here showing love for our troops. The only downside is that similar priced Press Pass NASCAR products contain 1 autograph and 3 memorabilia cards where Press Pass NASCAR releases with 1 auto and 1 memorabilia usually run in the $70-75 range so this release seems a bit high for what you pull.

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