Thursday, May 19, 2011

Leaf Releases Joe Jackson Cut Signature Images

Earlier today Brian Gray posted on the Leaf Facebook page that he was going to be releasing the final images of both the Pop Century Kennedy/Oswald relic card and the Joe Jackson cut signature card.

The Joe Jackson card is a decent looking design, it has a very “American” patriotic feel to it and the cut signature fits nicely in to the layout. The signature appears to be from a newspaper clipping and it is signed in pencil. The downside is that Joe Jackson did not sign very well, he was actually illiterate until late in his life and most Jackson autographs were signed by his wife Kate, and it appears to have been smudged. That is the problem with newsprint, it is porous and both ink and pencil are easily marred. 

 I do like that Brian Gray decided to adjust the cut signature position compared to the mock-up that I posted about back in November. The original image showed the signature higher in the box with some scratchout marks underneath his name. Even with the newspaper heading upside down the card has a more professional look.

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