Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random Blaster Box- 2011 Topps UFC Title Shot

Back in March I did a pre-sell for a box of Topps UFC Title Shot, which at the time was scheduled to be released on May 6th. The product was delayed a few days, until May 11th, but no big deal. On May 9th I got an email from Dave and Adam’s Card World saying my purchase has been shipped and was expected to be received on the 12th. The 12th has since come and gone and no box, according to UPS I am now looking at a May 16th delivery date.

 So while I wait for my box to finally get here I saw some UFC Title Shot blasters sitting on the shelf at Wal-Mart on Friday night so I grabbed up a box just to keep me satisfied until Monday. Each blaster comes with 5 packs, 6 cards a pack, plus a Manufactured Patch.
The base cards are nice action shots with a full-bleed image of the fighter along with the fighter’s name, weight class and league (UFC, WEC, etc.). The design is more of what you would expect from Upper Deck but Topps uses it well and is actually nice when used for MMA style action shots. Each pack also include a Gold parallel which is the same as the base card but all the text is in gold along with a gold graphic along the side border. The backs have the fighter’s name, basic information and a short write up about the fighter.
The inserts that I pulled include a Legacy insert, Rich Franklin, and it reminds me of the Fleer sets of the late 80s. The Legacy insert checklist consists of 26 former and current UFC Champions.
 The Contenders set is based on the Topps Finest sets with a glossy coating and design. The Contenders checklist has 25 fighters who have proven their worth and have the potential to be a title fighter. I pulled Brian Stann who is 10-3 in 5 years of fighting. He is scheduled to fight Jorge Santiago at the end of the month.

 I know a lot of people do not like manufactured patches but in some cases I think they are a nice addition to a product. I think this is one of those cases. Creating a flag patch for the fighters is cool because MMA fighters are from around the world and this is a nice way to represent the home of the different fighters. We have seen similar ideas like this before, Leaf MMA included the National Pride autographs in the International Release which has seemed to go over pretty well with collectors. I pulled a Michael Bisping UK patch, a fighter I have followed since he appeared on The Ultimate Fighter in 2006.

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