Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Chance To Watch Live Professional Wrestling (Sort Of)

Do you ever think back to the “Attitude Era” of WWF/E and wonder what happened to some of the wrestlers of the time? Some have held on to their WWE career like The Undertaker and Triple H, some have moved on to a decent movie career and some have just disappeared from the limelight only to show up in tiny arenas and bars (Think Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler).

My wife works for an international company here in Phoenix as an organizer for their learning center and as part of her job she will often set up sight-seeing trips or get tickets for local events for the participants flying in from around the world. As a perk she is usually offered free tickets or discounted tickets for shows and sporting events like Diamondback games.

So she calls me today and says “I got us free tickets for some sort of extreme fighting event on Sunday night”. As a MMA fan I know that none of the major fight leagues were in the area so I had to see what she was talking about. Turns out the tickets are for Elite Xtreme Wrestling. I know… I know… you are Googling it right now. It is a local wrestling league here in the East Valley but color me surprised when I saw that old school wrestlers Val Venis and Tommy Dreamer are the big names. This is a league that usually wrestles in a bar, is sponsored by a tattoo parlor and in April they actually did a free show in an elementary school gym. Some have definitely dropped from Olympus to wrestle among the mortals.

But I still look forward to a fun show Sunday night, I am hoping that they do shows like the old ECW wrestling when they threw people through tables and everyone took a folding chair to the head before the night was over. Hopefully I can get some nice pictures of some extreme,... oops sorry, I meant Xtreme, wrestling.

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