Tuesday, May 31, 2011

With the Stanley Cup set to kick off tomorrow in Vancouver the big news out of the NHL today is the return to Winnipeg. The Atlanta Thrashers were sold to a group from Winnipeg, the same group that 3 weeks ago was working with the NHL to purchase, and relocate, the Phoenix Coyotes but after the City of Glendale voted to cover the Coyotes for another season the group turned their attention towards the Thrashers. The team (which is still unnamed, but most assume the name will be Winnipeg Jets) will be playing at the MTS Center.

Now that Winnipeg has replaced the Jets the question of what may become of the Coyotes is on people’s minds. Many people feel that Quebec may be the next destination of a team on the move and I can almost guarantee that if a local owner is not found the City of Glendale, which is having budget problems, will not continue to pay for the team to remain a season at a time. Will the Nordiques become the next new old team?

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