Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In The Game Heroes & Prospects Series 2

After a somber week away I am happy to return home, it now gives us a chance to begin the healing. A weeks-worth of work has greeted me along with a daunting list of web work that needs to be addressed but I decided that after spending the last 5 hours working on designs and my portfolio update I needed to sit back and recharge a little and jump back in to the sports world, which has gone crazy with the return of the NFL, rumors on NBA players jumping ship and the second half of the baseball season starting off with some huge trades (and my Mariners ending their losing skid).

 To coincide with the National’s opening day In The Game is releasing 2011 Heroes & Prospects Baseball Series 2 tomorrow, a couple of weeks ago I did a write up about the product, but to usher in the release they posted up some final preview shots of the  “HUGE” hits. Topps, Panini and Upper Deck take note, this is how you do a patch (the card design is a different story but the patches are definitely sweet).

Hank Aaron

George Brett

Edgar Martinez

Ozzie Smith

Nolan Ryan

Fernando Valenzuela
I do not expect to be buying any packs but I would love to get my hands on the Edgar Martinez patch, I see that and I can just hear "Edggggggaaaaaaaaarrrrrr!" calling out from the upper deck.

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  1. If you ask me, patches like that don't need much more design than those cards have. The player's name could be switched with the massive amount of space devoted to the product name, but other than that, the patch is the point, so you don't need anything else. Those are perfect, beautiful patches.

    Topps releases cards like that, 1/1-style, in products like Tribute and the upcoming Marquee, and similar small patches in very small quantities in other products.

    I miss the days of Donruss, where products like Absolute Memorabilia had at least one card about as awesome as that per box.

    Honestly, I don't care if it's Nolan Ryan, David DeJesus, or even some single-A dropout, a patch of that caliber would be great in my collection.