Sunday, August 28, 2011

Part II- 2011 Horrors of War Base Cards

This is part two of a three-part story

In 1938 Gum, Inc., released the 288-card Horrors of War set over two separate releases, now 73 years later Famous Fabrics Ink has released their “addition” to Gum, Inc.’s original set. The new 48-card base set picks up where the original set ended, the onset of World War II, and includes cards from WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraqi War and The War on Terror with the final 8 cards (covering the Iraqi War and War on Terror) being only available as case toppers. All base cards are encased with the regular base cards having silver labels and case toppers having green labels (The promo materials showed gold labels on all of the base cards but the live product actually has silver labels on the base cards and green for case toppers).

 The set is extremely limited with only 1,600 total boxes being produced. Each $160 box will contain 2 cards, 1 base card #/40 and a 1/1 cut signature card. Interestingly they have numbered each base card #/40 as well as #/1600 to designate where each card stands within that specific card number on the checklist as well as overall in the entire base set run.

The product is still pretty new, released 8/11/11, and there are only a couple of base cards available for auction right now and the prices really range starting at a dollar or two all the way up to $150, which is insane considering you spend another $10-15 and you can purchase a 2-card box which comes with a base card and a cut signature card. Someone posted a complete 48-card base set for $4800, which I guess would be a fair price if you were looking to build the set.

 I am not a fan of the illustrations used with the updated set, it is obviously not as bright and much tamer in comparison to the original set which can be attributed to a by-product of our "P.C." world and bleeding hearts that would file a lawsuit because "Won't somebody please think of the children?' (Admit it, you all read that in Rev. Lovejoy's wife's voice) . In all honesty I do not see this set holding up to the test of time like the original and the only real selling point to the set is the cut signatures.

#2- Hitler Visits Mussolini
#6- Rommel, the Desert Fox

#13- PT 109

#36- Kent State Massacre

#44- Osama bin Laden

#45- World Trade Center

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  1. I really think this is a cool concept. But I agree about the base cards being overpriced. Had the per box price been a bit lower I would have bought a box at the National. As it was, the price was just a bit too steep for me.