Tuesday, August 9, 2011

UD Sweet Spot Terrell Pryor Cards

In a rush Upper Deck was able to include Terrelle Pryor in the 2011 NCAA Sweet Spot Football release, which recently went live. His rookie card will be card #101 in the set and they also included a short-print autograph, no numbers have been released regarding how many autographs are available but UD’s Chris Carlin said it would not be odd if you opened a case and did not find one.

There is currently one Pryor Sweet Spot autograph available and it is currently at $47.00 with 5 days left in the auction. A couple of regular Pryor UD rookie cards are available, all under $10 each. Panini released a number of Pryor cards at the National including Elite, R&S and Prestige versions and they range from $1 up to $55 each.

 Currently Pryor is in limbo as far as his football career goes, the NCAA has him suspended for 5 games for the upcoming season but he has since announced his professional intentions and signed an agent. The Supplemental Draft is set for August 17th and according to recent reports the NFL sent out a list of eligible players this afternoon and Pryor is not on that list though it should be noted that players can be added to the list by the NFL at any time up until the draft date.

 If he is eventually ruled eligible the Browns, Redskins and Cowboys have each stated that they are interested in reviewing his Pro Day workout in Pittsburgh this coming Friday.

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