Sunday, August 14, 2011

Preview: 2011 Leaf Family Guy

Schedule Release Date: August 31, 2011
Box Configuration: 53 cards per box
SRP: $70/box

Box Break:
50 Base cards
2 Insert cards
1 Autograph card

My Thoughts:
The last time we saw a Family Guy set was 2008 with Inkworks A New Hope series, before that was the 2005 releases of Inkworks Family Guy Season 1 and Season 2. With Inkworks now gone Leaf has picked up the torch and delivered a 50-card base set for Seasons 3, 4 & 5. Each box gives you a complete 50-card base set along with 2 inserts and an autograph all for $70. Not a bad deal for Family Guy fans or comic card fans.

Leaf did a nice job keeping the focus on the characters and not over-designing the card and this works out well, a nice design keeps collectors happy along with nice selection of autographs and other inserts.

The autograph checklist is decent, including Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher from the Blue Harvest, Something…Something…Something Dark Side and It’s A Trap Star Wars based episodes along with regulars Patrick Warburton and Patrick Stewart (Of course he is mostly on American Dad but still on the occasional Family Guy episode) plus guest stars Gina Gershon, Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling and more.

The inserts include 1/1 Sketch Cards, inserted at 4 per case, originally stated at 2 per case but Leaf updated that last month. I have not seen the checklist or list of artists but apparently these cards are created by actual Family Guy artists so you will be getting cards by the people who create the animation for the show.

Character Die cuts, inserted at 3 per case, this insert includes 10 characters from the show and the final insert is the Quotables Metal Cards, inserted an average of 18 per case (1-2 per box). These metal cards contain “favorite” quotes from the various episodes.

So to highlight, each 12-box case will contain 18 Quotables Metal cards, 12 autographs, 4 sketch cards and 3 Die Cut Character cards plus there will be “Hot Cases” that contain 12 Sketch cards. I find it interesting that the sketch cards are an easier pull then the die cut character cards.

I am going to have to hunt down the “A Very Special Family Guy Freakin Christmas” card.

A complete set in each box

1 Autograph per box

A 25% chance of pulling a sketch card per case

Sticker autographs

Not a huge con but usually sketch cards sell partially based on the artist and with these cards being created by the animators we will have to see how these sell.

Admittedly I am biased, I really enjoy Family Guy and I like the odds when it comes to the inserts. I cannot really rate this set on the same level that I would rate a sports card set so I will leave it at “I love it” and finish with that.

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