Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All That Is Left II

Last year after opening up the football repack box to make my Sports Cards Super Bowl I prediction I put anything of interest to the side and after the Super Bowl I posted a “All That Is Left” piece where I covered the cards of note that I pulled from the repack box that was not connected to the Super Bowl. I will now cover “All That Is Left” from this year’s repack box.

This year I grabbed a pretty disappointing repack box, not only did I end up with only 5 related cards forcing me to turn to a previous blaster break but I also was way off with my predicted outcome and score, though I was close to the Over/Under total score.

The remaining cards were nothing of note, at least last year I pulled a nice Matt Ryan rookie.. No major names except for a Cam Newton HIT card showing him in his high school uniform and a Laveranues Coles Leaf Certified Red #/250. I think I can honestly say I have never seen a "Pre-Rookie" card before.

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