Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Best Break Ever

Have you ever had a pull or a box break that you can easily list as your “Greatest”?

My all-time greatest box break goes back 11 years ago, I had just started a new job and to save on driving an hour each way to work every day we moved to the other side of Puget Sound to a town called Silverdale in early 2001. I was fortunate enough to find a small card shop down the street from work and quickly became friends with the owners and a handful of their regulars. It was nice having a true local card shop, something I hadn’t had since 1993.
 A couple of times a month I would stop by to talk sports and see what was out or coming out soon and I was told that the release of 2001 SP Legendary Cuts was turning out to be a solid product that was selling well so I decided to grab a box.

 At the time I believe the boxes were running around $90-100 and each box contained 18 packs with 4 cards per pack. Each box promised three hits, a Debut Bat Card, a Legendary Bat Card and a Legendary Jersey Card with Legendary Cuts (1:252 packs) and Legendary Cut Combo Cards (#/25) as long shots.

When I bought the box I opened a pack in the shop and was pretty happy with the base design. We had an appointment and hopped in the car and as we drove my wife asked if she could open a pack. When my wife, who does not care for sports, opened a pack and her jaw drops I knew it was big…


I told her to keep opening and after a few more packs she stops again and looks at me with a smile and then shows me this card…

She decided to stop to let me open the other half of the box after we got home and I knew that the box still was supposed to contain a Debut Bat Card and a Legendary Jersey Card and after seeing Ruth and DiMaggio I was hoping that my box was a super-hot box and would include the Joe Jackson Debut Bat Card and/or a Nolan Ryan Legendary Jersey Card.

After 13 years of marriage I can tell you that my wife has the lucky touch when she picks out packs and on the other side my luck just plain sucks. Needless to say I should have let her finish opening the rest of the box because I pulled a Gaylord Perry Legendary Jersey Card (which I have since sold) and a Bill Buckner Debut Bat Card. I will never complain about those two hits especially when they came in a box with a short-print Ruth Bat card and a #/275 DiMaggio Cut Signature.

But, when I pulled my two hits compared to my wife's two hits I could not help but hear...

Plain and simple…Best Box Break Ever!


  1. Daaaaaaaaang, son! NICE! My best box break ever isn't really that great of a break. It was a master box of Finest a few years ago. Pulled a Frank Thomas 1/1 Plate. Flipped it for $100.

  2. Wow... Ruth & DiMaggio? Can't compare anything to that.

    The greatest card I ever pulled was a Walter Payton Inkredible autograph pulled from a pack of 1999 UD Retro.