Friday, March 30, 2012

A Nice Follow Up

This is a follow up to my "Best Break Ever" post a couple of days ago. I actually thought I hit the Publish button to post it the other day but I must have hit the Save button instead so I am posting it now.

Upper Deck decided to continue building on the popularity of the 2001 SP Legendary Cuts release and came on strong with the 2002 version but with some slight changes. The price was increase a bit, the pack count dropped from 18 packs to 12 packs a box (still 4 cards a pack) and the biggest change was the hits. Now boxes were only guaranteed one, SP Legendary Bat but two different jersey cards were seeded in 1:24 packs so most boxes contained two hits, a bat relic and one of the two jersey cards. The hits were:

SP Legendary Bat (1:8 packs)
SP Legendary Game Jersey (1:24 packs)
SP Legendary Swatches (1:24 packs)
SP Legendary Cuts Cards (1:128 packs)

Plus redemptions for Bat Barrels and McGwire autographs

I was not as big a fan of the 2002 base cards, gone were the sweet designs and in their place was a sepia player image surrounded by mist. The backs used a similar sepia design but like 2001 included the player's name, team logo, short bio, a player write up and career stats. I no longer have any of the base cards, having traded some and donated the rest so I used images from Check Out My Cards and eBay.
When the product was released I had my wife pick out the box hoping that her luck from the previous year would carry over. When we got home we split the packs and started opening. In my stack I pulled a Pee Wee Reese Legendary Bat card, a card that I traded to Greg from Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle last year, along with another Reese bat relic I pulled from a 2006 SP Legendary Cuts box. A Dodger relic needs to be in the hands of a true Dodger fan like Greg.

My wife proved to have the magic once again when she pulled a jersey relic from another Yankee legend...

In two years I (my wife actually) pulled relics from 3 Yankee greats and a Dodger legend from 2 boxes purchased at the same shop. Over 7 years, until I moved back to Arizona, I pulled a nice collection of cards from boxes all bought as this shop. I miss not having a local card shop to visit now.

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