Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Sweet Grab

Ever since some fight promoter years ago got the idea of using a scantily clad girl to carry a sign around the ring in between rounds “Ring Girls” or in MMA fighting “Octagon Girls” have become as much a part of organized fighting as the athletes themselves.

When Topps picked up the UFC license and started producing UFC cards they made sure to include Octagon Girls in the sets. Some of the highest priced autographs from Topps first release, 2009 Topps UFC Round 1, are from Arianny Celeste even topping autos from Royce Gracie (the first UFC Champion).

When Leaf put out the 2010 Leaf MMA release they too included a number of Octagon Girls in their checklist, along with female fighters which was a first. I do not follow the ring girls but for some reason Palmer’s card called to me (beyond being attractive) and I have been watching for a reasonably priced autograph to show up for a couple of years now. I picked this one up for under $10 shipped, which is a great price. Most are currently running $10-15 plus shipping though there are two at 99 cents but once they get closer to ending expect to see the prices jump.

Besides the sticker autographs the 2010 Leaf MMA base autograph set is easily my favorite MMA autograph set. The red background and griffin wings design is appealing and most of the photos are well selected. The photograph fading in to the mist at the bottom allows the blue-inked autographs to really stand out. There are three versions for each auto, the Red base auto, Purple (#/25) and Gold (#/5) with the Purple being my favorite. There are also dual base autographs with two fighters (or Octagon Girls) who have a connection. The release also included a Champions autograph insert and a National Pride autograph insert, which are cool too but I prefer the base autos.

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