Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vintage Card of the Month: T53 Hassan Cowboy Series

I spent the weekend watching AMC’s Hell On Wheels, I recorded the entire season but it just sat on my DVR so I decided to finally sit down and watch the entire season in 2 days. I think I have found another new show that kicks ass, finding a great cowboy show is pretty rare, something I have not seen since Deadwood ended.

This brings me to this month’s Vintage Card of the Month, a card from the T53 Hassan Cowboy Series. The cards were released in 1914 in Hassan Cigarette packs and there were initially 50 cards in the set though only 49 were released, apparently one of the cards was considered too violent and was never released. I actually find the illustrations with this set are pretty nice, the detail and color used on the original artwork transferred over nicely during the printing process.

When I came across this card I laughed, I love the title “Making A Tender Foot Dance” and it was only a little more then $4.50 shipped. I don’t know how often this actually happened during the Wild West days but the back describes in detail how cowboys would find it humorous to shoot at the feet of well-dressed people and make them dance. It talks about how anyone wearing a silk hat would often find it full of bullet holes and closing with “Nowadays a hard hat may be worn anywhere with impunity”.

The card shows some serious wear with all four corners rounded, heavy creases across the left corners and along the bottom and missing paper from the back. The tear-away on the back actually look like this card may have been glued on to a poster or in to a book considering there are 4 separate locations where the back is missing and they are near the corners.

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