Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update For 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

Upper Deck products still get lost in the landscape of licensed products but over the years they have gotten collector’s attention with non-sports inserts in their Goodwin Champions releases. Many of them include museum quality items, fossils or entomology cards. We have seen DNA/hair, insects, fossils and even sand from Omaha Beach. This year they add to the list with Civil War Museum Relics, a collection of Civil War memorabilia. This year’s collection includes pieces of a Union battle flag from 1864, various buttons, insignias and logos from uniforms, pieces of a rifle, pieces of a soldier’s wallet and currency. They also came across some soldier’s ambrotypes, a precursor to photographs as we know them, and they will be inserted in to a specially designed shadowbox card.

I wouldn't mind getting a hold of one of those Museum Collection Confederate Currency shadowbox cards, I think UD did a nice job with the card design. It looks like the currency is sitting on a desk and highlights the money nicely.

This year Upper Deck will be including hand-painted 1888 Goodwin Champions cards, a 50-card set based on the original 1888 set and there will be 10 copies of each card. They have released a scan of a Cap Anson card.

I am looking forward to seeing some images from the It Came From Space! relics, an insert that will contain pieces of meteorites and other space items.


  1. Cool - thanks for posting about these! I really liked this set last year.


  2. wow. Those look really nice. Everything looks so well done. It would be nice to put together a set of those hand painted cards.