Sunday, April 1, 2012

Box Break: 2011 Topps UFC Finest Part II

Here are the final hits from my box of 2011 UFC Finest. I have seen some insane hits in box breaks but I cannot include my box in that category. Each Master box includes 6 hits; 2 on-card autographs, 2 relic cards and 2 jumbo relic cards.

I will start with the die-cut Finest Atomic Refractors, a pretty sweet looking mosaic style refractor cards. I didn’t pull an Octa-Fractor but I did pull a very cool GSP along with Brendan Schaub, a young fighter who is coming on strong in the UFC (minus his last loss to Big Nog).
The autographs are built on the base cards with an on-card autograph. Shane Carwin is a decent pull but like most collectors unless you are pulling inserts/hits from top fighters it is no fun pulling the same fighter over and over. Mark Hominick is at best a mediocre-decent fighter and in a couple of weeks he will be fighting Eddie Yagin and if he loses he may find himself in a tough position.
I just had to include this photo of Hominick following his loss to Jose Aldo last April. This was actually a great fight with Aldo remaining Featherweight Champ on a 5 round decision. Hominick pushed Aldo to the limits but he will most likely be remembered from this fight because of the goose egg where his forehead used to be before the fight.
The Finest Threads came in the shape of a couple of decent fighters, Joseph Benavidez and Evan Dunham each have a pair of losses but have a solid future. Benavidez is currently in the running for the newly created UFC Flyweight Championship.

The Finest Threads Jumbo relic card is a Dominick Cruz t-shirt relic, though Topps is very vague about where or what the relic came from it feels like soft cotton from a shirt. Cruz is a dominant fighter, he is currently the UFC Bantamweight Champ and he will be fighting Urijah Faber this summer for Cruz-Faber 3, each fighter has one win each so this re-re-match will be the deciding vote.
I close on a Jumbo Mat relic card of Joseph Benavidez (yup him again). This mat piece is from WEC 45 where Benavidez beat Rani Yahya by TKO.

Would I buy another box of 2011 UFC Finest? Yes, I really do like the set and wouldn’t mind putting together a complete base set if I had the opportunity and hopefully a second box would offer me the chance to pull some better hits but with the boxes sitting well over $80 now I think I would pass and instead pick up a box of 2011 UFC Moment of Truth for less than $60 each. Maybe that will be my next box break.

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