Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Blaster Box- 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball

I picked up a blaster box of Topps Heritage to take a look, I am not a big fan of the product but I usually open at least one blaster each year just to see firsthand. Who knows, someday I may find a reason to like the Heritage series. This year’s cards are based on the 1963 Topps set right down to the error cards, floating head cards and short printed high numbers.
Besides a couple of floating head 2012 Rookie Stars cards I did not pull any Mariners but I did come across a couple of ex-Mariners including one of my favorites, Yuniesky Betancourt. I am still a little bummed Pineda trade, I know that Montero fills in a needed position at catcher but losing a solid pitcher stings.
I pulled three high numbered short prints including a Mike Stanton error-back card.

One Wal-Mart Blue Parallel made its way in to my hands in the shape of super-fastball pitcher Aroldis Chapman.
I also pulled a 2011 National League Home Run Leaders Chrome Refractor #/563 so not a bad blaster overall.
Closing out with a couple of inserts; a Sandy Koufax Baseball Flashback, a Roy Halladay New Age Performers and a Mike Stanton Stick-On.

Overall this is not a bad release, I like the design but I really do not care for the gimmick intentional error cards. I think my favorite part of the set is the Clubhouse Collection, there is a heritage look to the design and the on-card autographed versions are pretty sweet.

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