Saturday, April 28, 2012

My NFL Draft Review

I figured today I would offer up some unsolicited assessment of the NFL Draft so far (through the first 3 rounds). I am going to cover some overrated picks, underrated picks and the Seahawks and Cardinals picks.

First, Ryan Tannehill selected at the #8 spot by the Dolphins. Tannehill is completely overrated, he ranked 55th in pass efficiency in the nation, he started a total of 19 games at QB and he threw 1 interception for every 2 TD passes. On the positive side he is a solid 6-4”, weighs over 220 pounds and has a strong arm. But because he has so little experience at QB he is a project and the Dolphins do not have the time to bring him up to the pro level, he will be tossed in most likely within the first couple of games and we saw how that worked for Blaine Gabbert in Jacksonville last year.

You know that this pick came from Mike Sherman, his college football coach who is now the Dolphins Offensive Coordinator. A man who was fired at Texas A&M because of Tannehill’s erratic playing in 2011. It is so funny to hear the sound bites coming from Dolphin’s GM Jeff Ireland and owner Stephen Ross; it is like they are trying to convince themselves that this was a good pick. Some of the gems include comparing him to Luck and RG3, repeating over and over “he is a competitor” and “he has always been part of the Dolphin’s offseason strategy”.

Second, Brandon Weeden selected at the #22 spot by the Cleveland Browns. I don’t see this as an overrated selection considering that Weeden had two quality seasons at OSU finishing up with awesome win over Luck’s Stanford Cardinal in the Fiesta Bowl, he has the size and the arm but the biggest knock is that he will be turning 29 years-old during Week 6 of the season. The Browns gave up 38 sacks last year and you have to wonder how Weeden’s body will hold up after a season or two of getting pounded.

While I can see this pick having merit I don’t see a First Round pick being used on him, maybe mid-late Second Round or early Third Round but not the #22 pick.

Third, Nick Foles selected at the #88 spot by the Philadelphia Eagles. I was hoping the former Arizona QB would have ended up in Seattle in the Third Round (where they drafted QB Russell Wilson) but instead went 13 picks later to the Eagles. Foles is a big boy and a typical pocket QB, kind of the opposite of Vick, so this will give the Eagles a couple of options to offer up some different views to opposing defenses. He will have to compete against Kafka and Edwards but that shouldn’t be too difficult to take on the back-up role.

I am seriously disappointed though, one I was hoping the QB from my favorite college team (Univ of Arizona) would have ended up with my favorite NFL team (Seahawks) but instead ends up with one of my least favorite teams in the league. This makes it difficult as a collector and will force me to grab up his Eagles cards.

Fourth, Kellen Moore, this guy is underrated. He is still sitting at home waiting for a call and when you look at his production at Boise State you have to wonder what is wrong with some of these teams. In four seasons at BSU he is 50-3 including going 6-0 vs. BCS schools and 3-1 in Bowl games. He threw 142 TDs to 28 INTs and well over 14,500 yards. OK, he is 5-11” but the Seahawks just drafted the 5-11” Russell Wilson. Some team will end up grabbing him up Saturday and walk away with a potential quality pro-QB.

Finally my favorite team reviews
Arizona Cardinals. Some needs include Offensive Linemen, DBs and LBs and finally a receiver of some sort (WR or TE)

First Round: Michael Floyd at the #13 spot, he has the same body type as Larry Fitzgerald and will line up on the opposite side which should ease the double teams on Fitzgerald and spread the defense. This was a great pick by the Cards.

Third Round: Jamell Fleming at the #81 spot, he had a decent college career and will probably fit in nicely in the Cardinals secondary but the Cards seriously need Offensive Line help and should have focused on that and then grabbed Fleming in the Fourth Round.

Seattle Seahawks. Some needs include Offensive Linemen, DE/Pass Rusher, LB and if available a decent QB to fit in behind Flynn.

First Round: Bruce Irving at the #15 spot. This kid is a questionable pick, he can be high reward but he is definitely high risk. He has been in jail a couple of times, he dropped out of high school and last month he was arrested for destruction of property and disorderly conduct. This is a potential time bomb and when you find out that Pete Carroll has a history with this kid (he recruited him to USC but the kids grades halted it) you know that this was a biased pick. There is one thing that Carroll has proven since being in Seattle and that is he will always go after a guy he has a history with over the better choice. Watch next year when he will probably trade away the team’s future for the chance to draft Matt Barkley.

The sad thing is that Quinton Coples was selected by the Jets with the very next pick. Given Coples did not have the best Senior year but there is always the question of whether the NCAA investigation got in to his head and shook his confidence.

Second Round: Bobby Wagner at the #47 spot. This was a better pick then Irving, Wagner has speed, he is athletic and he moves with the ball. He will fit nicely at Middle Linebacker and may even move in to a starter position before too long

Third Round: Russell Wilson at the #75 spot.  Wilson is “small” as far as QBs go coming in at 5-11” and 206 pounds but if you look past his size and look at his production you will see why this kid will have a decent career in the NFL (even though it may be as a career back-up). He played 3 seasons at North Carolina State and 1 season at Wisconsin, he may only be 30-20 as a starter but he threw for 11,720 yards, 109 TDs and 30 INTs. Last year at Wisconsin he threw for 3,175 yards, 33 TDs to only 4 INTs and a NCAA record 191.8 QB Rating.

This pick could have as easily been Nick Foles or Kellen Moore but I am satisfied with it overall. Let’s hope the Seahawks fill in some needs on the O-Line tomorrow.

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  1. The biggest problem I had with the QB picks/prospects is that Tannehill and Wilson were horrendous against good defenses throughout their careers, whereas a guy like Moore was excellent.