Sunday, April 8, 2012

Random Blaster Box- 2012 Leaf Draft Pick (Retail)

As an Easter present I received a 2012 Leaf Draft Pick Football blaster box. There are actually 2 retail blaster versions, neither is metalized like the Hobby version.
One is a green blaster box and contains 20 packs with 4 cards each and includes 2 autographs and an Andrew Leaf 2008 US Army All-American high school card. The cards in these boxes have a red design and have a 50-card checklist.

The second is a yellow box and contains a complete 50 card base set, 1 autograph, 10 random Gold parallels and an exclusive 3 card RGIII subset. The cards in this box have a blue design and are a different 50-card checklist.

I got the green box and when I pulled two autographs out of the first four packs I was hoping that I would beat the 2 autos/box ratio but alas I pulled just two autos. I like the design, Leaf used some nice action shots (though the team logos are removed) so the cards have a “professional” appearance. The cool thing is that the base cards appear to have a nice space for TTM autographs. The autograph cards are similar to the base cards but the players name is shrunk down to fit the sticker on the card.
I am a bit disappointed with collation, out of 80 cards I ended up 12 cards short of a complete set plus 42 duplicate cards. I expected duplicates but you would think that with 80 cards you should be able to at least complete a 50-card set. I did pull 4 RGIII cards and one Nick Foles (which I was hoping for) along with the Andrew Luck Army All-American High School card.

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