Thursday, June 27, 2013

A 1919 World Series Ring For Auction

I came across a story recently and it drew my interest due to the connection with the 1919 World Series. Following the 1919 World Series the Cincinnati Reds players were awarded World Series pins, as was the tradition of the era. The manager, Pat Moran, requested and was given a ring instead of a pin.
Leland’s Auction House has just posted Moran’s ring for auction with a starting bid of $25,000. The auction ends torrow, June 28th ,and currently sits at $33,275 with 4 bids. In a 2011 auction Cincinnati Reds First Baseman Jake Daubert’s 1919 World Series pin sold $82,250. Considering that this is a one of a kind item, the connected historical value and that the origination can be tracked, what could a ring like this be worth?

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