Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Quick Peek At 2013 Panini Intrigue Basketball

Panini continues to water down their basketball license with another 2012-13 basketball release; I believe this will be Panini’s 24th 2012-13 NBA product. With the NBA preseason set to begin in October this late August/early September set is actually closer to the 2013-14 NBA season than it is to the 2012-13 NBA season. I am trying to figure why the designers would use an obscure font for the title, who the Hell cuts away pieces of text in what seems a random pattern based on the letter.
Each $130 tin will include 2 packs, a 5 card pack and a 6 card pack. The five card pack contains 5 Intriguing Players cards and the six card pack contains a mix of base cards, inserts and hits. There is the 100 card base checklist plus the Intriguing Players 200 card set that is considered a set within a set. There are only 20 players on the Intriguing Players checklist with each player having 10 different cards each. There are a total of 15 insert sets with half of them being autographs or memorabilia card.
The autograph sets include:
Immortalized Autographs
Impact Rookies Autographs
Red, White & Blue Autographs
Slam Ink Autographs
Winning Ink Autographs
Dunk City Autographs

The memorabilia sets include
Rookie Auto-memorabilia cards
Intriguing Pairs Memorabilia cards

The base cards are pretty cool outside of the large chopped up “INTRIGUE” across the bottom (Harden base card pictured at the top), which I can probably overlook, but most of the rest of the cards do not interest me. Autograph cards were designed in two halves, one for the player and one for the autograph, the memorabilia cards are ok but they too were designed in halves. I think had most of the autograph cards been designed liked the base cards or even the Slam Ink autograph cards it would have come out nicer.
I can honestly say that this set does not intrigue me.

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