Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Difficult Situation In New England Gets Worse

You have to wonder what are the Patriots going to do for a Tight End next season?
First party boy Rob Gronkowski leaves the team wondering what his future holds after four surgeries on his left arm, not to mention the following infection, and then on Tuesday he had surgery to repair a herniated disc in his back, which he had previously surgically repaired while he was playing for the University of Arizona (Bear Down!). Depending on his rehab he may be out for a portion of the season.
Now it appears that Aaron Hernandez, who is also recovering from shoulder surgery earlier this year, may be in for a double legal battle that if it turns south could end his career with possible prison time.
First a lawsuit has been re-filed against Hernandez related to a shooting in Miami this past February. The victim, Alexander Bradley who apparently knows Hernandez, claimed that he was shot after a confrontation with Hernandez. Bradley’s face had to be reconstructed and he lost an eye due to the shooting.
Now an arrest warrant for obstruction of justice has been issued, but not served yet, for Hernandez after a friend of his, Odin Lloyd, was found shot (execution style) less than a mile away from Hernandez’s house on Monday night. The police have him listed under suspicion but not as a suspect yet. The warrant is connected to his impromptu destruction of his security system and phone. When police requested to view the security footage from this weekend they found that the entire security system and recording device had all been intentionally destroyed. When they asked him to turn over his phone his lawyer handed the cops a baggie with the phone broken in to tiny pieces.
What could make things worse? An SUV leased to Hernandez was found parked at the crime scene and then Hernandez hired a cleaning crew to scrub his entire mansion clean on Monday.


I am not making any accusations here but things do not look very good for him or the Patriots and not to make light of a horrible situation but maybe the team can talk Tim Tebow in to taking over the Tight End position.

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  1. It's been crazy following this story on ESPN... watching reporters as they stalk this guy (OJ Simpson style)... helicopters following his car. He definitely did everything in the books to make him look like he's guilty of at least covering something up.