Monday, June 17, 2013

Wacky Package All-New Series 10 Autographs

In March I wrote up a post about the Wacky package All-New Series 10 release, one of the new additions that peeked my interest were the Commercial Star Autographs. These inserts had an original Wacky Package image on one side with the autograph of the actor who were in the commercials for the items. Some of the cards were Lifer Cereal autographed by John Gilchrist, who played Mikey in the Life Cereal commercials, and Coca Cobra autographed by Matt Frewer, who played Max headroom in the Coke commercials (and Max Headroom Show).
The cards have been out for a while now and prices have seemed to increase since the release, surprisingly, but I picked up a couple of Wacky Package cards and one of them was this All Turtle Snapper card signed by Wendy Kaufman, who played the Snapple Lady who answered viewer’s letters in the Snapple commercials. I paid a whole $1.78 for the card plus $1.95 shipping. The front of the card is the bottle on a flat black background and the back of the card (I am not really sure which is the front and which is the back) is a glossy image of Wendy Kaufman with the sticker autograph. I think these are a fun idea; they really grab the attention of people who grew up in the 1970s and 80s.


  1. That's definitely a fun autograph.... Just looking at that card I can hear that Long Island accent of hers.

    I'm guessing the autograph side is almost kinda sorta based on the 1973 Baseball design.

  2. A Max Headroom autograph? I've gotta find one of those. By the way... congratulations on your awesome pull.