Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Part II- 2013 Horrors Of War II

At the end of the month Famous Fabrics will be releasing Horrors of War II, a follow up to the 2011 Horrors of War I set. This base set checklist begins where Series I left off so this is a continuation of that checklist. This 40-card set will include cards #49 through 88 on the checklist and each base card will be limited to #/40. The checklist begins with card #49- The Seven Years War (1754-1763) and runs through 17 different conflicts ending with card #88- War on Terror.

The base cards are only the beginning of the product. Last year we saw each $160 box contain 2 cards, one base card and one cut signature, this year there will be 3 cards per box. No price has been announced yet. There will be one base card, one cut signature and one special insert. The special card will be one of four inserts; a Military Relic card (similar to the Las Vegas Summit preview cards), a Military Patch Relic card, a Hand-Painted Art card or an original 1938 Horrors of War Buyback card.

The Military Relic cards will contain a uniform swatch from various military uniforms and they will be numbered to #/30 each. I believe there will be 40-42 cards on this checklist based on the numbering shown on preview images.
The Military Patch Relic cards have uniform patches and each card is 1/1, based on the numbering it appears that there may be 200 different patches.

The Hand-Painted Art cards have a 16-card checklist and each card will be #/10. Jared Kelley is the artist who painted the cards, I will cover the Art Cards tomorrow.

The 1938 Horrors of War Buyback cards are original cards that have been graded and slabbed by PSA; no other information has been announced about these cards.
I am a little confused about the numbering, there are only going to be 1,600 boxes printed total and with one special insert card per box there should only be a total of 1,600 special cards. The math just does not add up though when you look at the preview cards. Not counting the buy-back cards the numbering shown already equals 1,610 special cards, not to mention that if there are 1,250 Military Relic cards it means there are 41.6667 cards on the checklist (huh?). My guess is that these label numbers are just mock-ups and not actual numbers.

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