Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Quick Peek At 2013 Topps Magic Football

Topps has decided to bring Magic Football back to the shelves after being an online-only release last year.  Boxes, no price announced yet, will be released in January 2014 and will include 24 packs. Each box will also contain three autographs.
The set is pretty large, 330 cards on the checklist, with 110 short prints. There will be retired players, veterans and rookies on the checklist. Each pack will contain 8 cards with one mini and one parallel. This year’s parallels will be Green, Black, Blue and Red (#/50).
The base autograph checklist will have at least 150 players, there will be two parallels (maybe more) Black (#/5) and Red (1/1). Additionally there will be Dual Autographs (#/25) and Six Autographs (#/5). There are also Mini Autographs (#/10) and Mini Autographed Books (#/5) which will be a dual auto booklet.
Relics are not a big part of the set and there is only one relic insert, Magic Rookie Relics, which contain a large swatch and are #/99, there will be a Magic Rookie Relics Patch parallel #/5 each.
Finally, there will be four base inserts, Ground & Pound (25 Running Backs), Aerial Attacks (25 Quarterbacks), Rookie Enchantment (33 Framed Rookies) and ’48 Magic (25 All-Time Greats based on the 1948 Topps Magic set).


I will do a more in-depth review as more information is released.

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  1. The past few years, Topps Magic has been one of my favorite designs. Looking forward to picking up the set after the dust settles in 6 months.