Monday, August 26, 2013

ITG Decades The 90s Is On The Way

When it comes to hockey cards In The Game is the best, even without an NHL license they still lead the pack. Awesome designs, hard signed autographs with amazing checklists, real game-used relics (no “event used” here) and killer relics are what keeps them head and shoulders above the rest.
Another aspect that draws in the hockey collectors is their ability to build a set around a theme and own it. Over the years we have seen sets dedicated to goalies, captains, cities and Olympic teams but one of the more popular sets are the “Decades” sets, which are designed around specific decades. This week we see “Decades the 90s” hit the shelves.
I am a lifelong Islanders fan but I didn’t start collecting hockey cards until I returned to collecting in the early 90s so this set is right up my alley. Some of the best played during the decade like Gretzky, Messier, Hull, Chelios, Roy, Lemieux, Bure, CuJo and Lindros and I collected most of them with LaFontaine, Richter and Messier being my favorites.
Each box of Decades The 90s, which will run $90-100, will contain 14 cards; 6 Base cards, 3 Hard Signed cards, 3 Game-used Memorabilia cards (1 will be a quad-relic card) and 2 insert cards.
Base Cards







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