Thursday, August 22, 2013

What To Expect From 2013-14 Hoops

In October Panini will be releasing 2013-14 NBA Hoops Basketball and following in the steps of Score Hockey and Score Football, Hoops will be released in jumbo form. Each box will contain 10 packs with 50 cards each pack, 500 cards total. No price has been announced yet but based on previous releases this too will be an entry-level product and will be priced as such. A perfect example of a product designed for young collectors and set builders.
This release will see the first memorabilia card ever in the Hoops brand plus rare inserts Artist Proof Blacks (1/1) and Kobe’s All-Rookie Team.
You can expect to pull plenty of value out of each box, the box break checklist seems to never end. The jumbo box break:
2 Autographs
1 Relic
50 Parallels
30 Red Back Parallels
1 Artist Proof Parallel
20 Action Shots Inserts
20 Dreams Inserts
20 Board Members Inserts
20 Class Action Inserts
20 Courtside Inserts
20 Spark Plugs Inserts


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